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What is Dinner Crafts?

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You're the Kitchen Hero!

Dinner Crafts is your very own Dinner Workshop--a place you can assemble delicious, artisan freezer meals your family will love.

We make it easy for you to rock it in the kitchen!

Person Cooking Healthy Meal

Dinner Crafts      was born at Lemon & Sage Artisan Kitchens , in Springville, UT - a culinary incubator where local chefs and bakers can start and grow their food businesses. 

As the founders and owners of Lemon & Sage, we ended up launching one of our own!

We love variety!

We have dinners that cook in the slow cooker, in the Instant Pot, in the oven, and on the stove top! We don't believe in crockpot mush, but we do believe in wonderful flavors and textures.  Our menu gives you so many delicious options to look forward to!

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Fresh, homemade quality.

At Dinner Crafts, we make our own spice blends and sauces and use the freshest veggies and meat. We want you to feel good about the food you're putting on your family's table.

More time for what you love.

Let us help you make dinner time easy and delicious. 

Come make your dinners or buy them pre-made--either way, you'll be able to ensure your family has time to enjoy mealtime together despite your busy schedules.

We'll help you get healthy dinners on the table in no time!

For more info about

Lemon & Sage Artisan Kitchens, Bakery and Market, visit:

Lemon & Sage Market

At Lemon & Sage, you can rent commercial kitchen space to start your food-based business! You may also shop our artisan market for local and imported specialty food and gifts. Keeping it Local, Fresh & Delicious!

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