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Private Groups

I want to host a group!
I want to join a group!
*Host Discount Policy: Private Group hosts will receive a discount code for $20 off their session once at least 7 other people have paid for the group. If the group has 10 or more total sign-ups, the host will get a discount code for $20 off any future session which is combinable with the regular $20 host discount! That means up to $40 off their next private group! (Only one host per group.)

  • It's a PARTY!

  • You choose the menu.

  • You choose the day/time.

  • Hosts can get up to a $40 discount!*

  • Make 8 full size or 16 half size meals in about 2 hours while you hang out with your friends!

Why are Private Groups so much fun? 
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