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Fundraise with Us: How it Works


How Fundraisers  Work

It's so easy!

Organizing a fundraiser? Submit our online request form to get started. We'll reach out to answer your questions and get you on our calendar.

After 2 weeks, your online fundraiser will close. We will text/email your supporters, thank them for their orders, and confirm their delivery or pick-up date and time. We will also send them reminders the day before and the day of so they don't forget about their delicious meals.

Help your team get the word out to local family and friends. Use our social media templates, text prompts, and email templates to share a link to your own store page on our website where everyone can place their orders. No paperwork or handling cash! Ordering will be open for 2 weeks.

At checkout, your supporters will be able to choose delivery or pick-up. All orders of $100+ will get free delivery to a Utah County address. Pick-up will be at a time and destination decided by your group. You will have a half hour time slot for pick-up. **You may also request pick-up at our Springville location for more flexible pick-up hours.

Consider a prize or incentive for your top seller(s). Remind them that people want to support you but they're busy and might forget. It doesn't hurt to send a reminder.

Within a week of delivery of your meals, a check will be issued to your organization along with a report containing total profits as well as the individual profits of each participant. That way, you can recognize your top sellers and thank them for a job well done!

**At this time, pick-up and delivery are only available in Utah County.

Ready to get going?

Calculate your profits:














Half Size Meal (feeds 3-4)


Full Size Meal (feeds 6-8)

If they buy the full set of meals, one customer could net you $32! Plus they'll get a great discount on their meals. WIN-WIN!

What are you waiting for?!

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